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The Nutman Company NC, LLC

Gourmet Nuts, Chocolate, Snacks and Candies

Gourmet Nuts, Chocolate, Snacks and Candies

Gourmet Nuts, Chocolate, Snacks and CandiesGourmet Nuts, Chocolate, Snacks and Candies
Photo by :  Julia T. Paxton

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  • Hi!  We are Mitch and Linda.  We are a couple of folks who conscientiously worked with a goal in mind  of retiring  about the time our last child graduated.  Our plan didn't exactly work out the way we arranged, but we met our goal within 2 years.  Just like typical newly retired people, there was a lot to do at first and we wondered how we ever accomplished what we did and worked!  By the second winter, we began searching for a new business adventure.

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  • In our travels one day, we noticed a vendor selling gourmet nuts, snack mixes, chocolates and candies.  The beautiful display immediately appealed to us.  Thinking this is a business we were potentally interested in, we flew to Hubertus, Wisconsin to meet the originator and view the facility where this all began.  Upon our arrival we were surrounded with kind and caring individuals and a super healthy environment.   4 days later, when we boarded the airplane to return to Henrico, NC, we knew this was the business for us!

The Nutman Company

Photo's by Julia T. Paxton

  • June 2018 we had our first sale!  Since then we have participated in multiple festivals a around North Carolina and Virginia.   The Nutman  Co, NC, LLC provides a stress free way for professional and volunteer organizations to raise funds,  featuring prepackaged gourmet nuts, snack mixes and chocolates. We are well known for our quality products, professional service and prices.  We would love to hear from you to schedule an upcoming festival,  a fundraising opportunity, or create a gift basket for someone you are nuts about!


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The Nutman Company, LLC

Henrico, North Carolina, United States

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